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Thomas Badrock, audition Foto Thomas Badrock

Audition photos for dancers

For an all-around good application a dancer needs good audition photos. With the large number of competition it becomes even more important to make a positive first impression and stay in good memory.

Of cause a friends could take a couple of snapshots during training. Good professional photos are on a different level though. I’m looking forward to helping you and to working together with you in order to take just the right pictures. We can make in ballet, modern dance or an other style.

You can come here to Karlsruhe and we take the pictures in a studio – or I can come to you. Dance studios and teacher can hire me just like dance school classes for group sessions. Once again we can take these pictures here in Karlsruhe or at your dance school. More on this. More ...

If you are interested you are welcome to contact me. We will look for a good date and I’ll inform you, once I know more, how much it will cost you.

Natsuki Yamada, audition Foto Natsuki Yamada

Preparation for a good audition-shooting

When preparing for a good audition-shooting one needs to account for quite a few things. You should discuss your expectation with the photographer beforehand so both of you know how the shooting will proceed.

The poses and movements should be tried by you in front of a mirror before the shooting. It is always useful if a teacher or other person who knows what it’s all about helps you with that.

You can bring another person, such as a teacher or another dancer, to the shooting. You can inspire, help and coach each other. You are quite welcome to come in twos or threes to an audition date.

If you’d like we can always take some time on the side of ballet or modern dance style to take a couple of “Freestyle” dance photos. There is always an option for a good portrait photo.

I can engage a free professional dancer as a coach for our session in Karlsruhe. That would give you competent help with the selection of poses and offer feedback on what else you could do or what you could improve.

You can find answers for many questions and helpful tips all around an audition-shooting in this pdf-document. Download Hinweise und Tipps für Audition Fotos.

Vivian de Britto Schiller, audition Foto Tütü

The shooting in Karlsruhe or near you

If you are coming on your own then you should schedule a good two hours for the photo session in ballet or modern dance style. Should you bring others dancers then it will take correspondingly longer.

We can set a date for a session in Karlsruhe. My contact info ...

Should you be a group, class or semester then you can hire me together. Should our schedules permit then I can come for the audition-shooting to you. That’s worth it for groups between 10 and 20 people. It would be ideal if there was an appropriate room for the shooting in your dance school. I cab tell you what’s required for that, should you be interested.

For teachers and schools: You’re welcome to contact me if you want photos of your class or for a group picture. If it can be arranged then we can take the photos in your own rooms.

Naoka Hisada, audition Foto Naoka Hisada

Price list audition shooting

Price list for a standard audition shoot in a dance studio in Karlsruhe.

More Infos about audition shootings ...

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